About us

Wholesale and retail distribution

HKS Global Group was born a few years ago, in early 2018, as a natural extension of the services provided in the ecosystem of companies specialising in global payments and payment technologies.

The scope of operation of HKS is related to the wholesale and retail distribution of vouchers and CD-Keys, through our brand Ar-Pay, backed up by powerful in-house developed technology in the face of custom CRM, White label solutions for e-commerce, API, and other custom solutions.

In-house Technology

Our most significant advantage is the in-house technology designed to manage and distribute prepaid cards.

Daily, we develop and improve our systems to provide comfort and safe purchases to our end users and the business clients we serve.

Our Team

Our team is a combination between excellent IT Development and Business Development, powered by solid Digital Marketing background and specialists dealing in FinTech and E-commerce for more than six years.

Our knowledgeable staff oversees all wholesalers’ & retailers’ requirements and collaborates with them to bring their content upfront on the market.

HKS is combining talent from the different countries we operate, including:

  • Bulgaria
  • Egypt
  • Belarus
  • UAE

Build and upscale your business with HKS

Simple. Fast. Reliable. Secure.

  • Easy to use
  • System Maintenance
  • Data protection
  • Continuous Improvement
  • High security